Record: 0-5 Home: 0-4 Away: 0-1 Conf: 0-1
Eagles Lose 0-4 Against OIT
Men's Soccer - Mon, Aug. 28, 2017
Oregon Institute of Technology
Sierra Nevada College

TAHOE VISTA, CA - The first home game for the Eagles was nothing short of a challenge. The Eagles started strong, playing defensively and preventing Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT) from scoring until the 20th minute. OIT held strong and played a mostly offensive game, having 23 shots on goal compared to Sierra Nevada College's (SNC) 6 in 90 minutes. 

Goalkeeper Jacob Pranke worked hard having 11 saves, but unfortunately could not stop 4 of them. Hope for at least one goal from SNC came in the final minute of play when OIT received a yellow card. Unfortunately, Alexander Moreno's kick was blocked by OIT ending the game with a final score of 0-4. 

"Even though it was a frustrating game to watch, a lot of credit goes to OIT for having such a mature class against our young class," says Coach Christian DeLeon. "[We're] lacking some key players due to eligibility issues, but it has opened the door for others to see what they have. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can put together for the future in our conference games."

SNC takes on William Jessup next at home on Tuesday, August 29th at 3pm.