Record: 1-4 Home: 1-1 Away: 0-3 Conf: 0-1
Eagles 0-2 in First Weekend Trip
Women's Soccer - Tue, Aug. 22, 2017

SANTA CLARITA, CA - Never to shy away from a challenge, Coach DeLeon has always scheduled a tough preseason for his teams.  This weekend was no different as two national ranked teams, The Masters University & Northwest University (NU), met the SNC Eagles on the Santa Clarita campus of The Master's University. 

First up was Master's who the Eagles kept in a very close match initially.  Without key players due to eligibility issues, the game was kept close until the 17th minute where Master's broke the scoring drought.  Coach DeLeon states, "we know we can keep the game close due to our ground game but our fitness is lacking.  There were mistakes from the players but also myself regarding substitutions and game plan.  I take full responsibility on what we need to work on.  We have only had 5 days of practice."  Master's won 0-7.

With Northwest U, the Eagles didn't fare much better in the scoring department but learned much.  SNC played a better possession and defensive game.  SNC's possession frustrated NU so much that a large substitution was made 30 minutes into the game by NU.  The game ended with NU winning 0-6.  DeLeon states, "we will go back and discuss what went right and wrong.  I do these games for the reason of knowing what to work on for conference."  SNC is still a new team (3yrs) that missed playoffs with a 3-way tie for the final spot last year.

Their next match is scheduled at home against William Jessup University on August 29th at 1pm.